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Free China Movement Coalition

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Press Release

July 29 1998

Washington, D.C. Mr. Wang Peijian, organizer of China Democracy Party legal Assistance Committee was illegally detained by owner of Wen Yin Bookstore about at 9:00 PM last night. Lawyers of "CDP Case" sent open statements to international community. Dissidents in China call for financial, legal and moral support from the world. "Back Up Committee for CDP" has been established by Free China Movement outside China to provide legal and financial support for the defending of CDP case!

Their lawyers, Mr. Wang Wenjiang, Zhou Guoqiang and Zhang Jiankang released an open letter to the international press with the following five statement:

1.In order to protect the dignity of the Constitution and law and make the citizens' political rights not be violated any more, partial representatives from the lawyer community in China decided to volunteer into "Legal Assistance Committee" for the defending of the members of CDP. They will do as a lawyer should do to defend for their legal in applying to register China Democracy Party.

2.Applying to register China Democracy Party by Wang Youcai and Wang Donghai is the first attempt in modern Chinese political pluralism history. They are the first group of persons who are trying to openly break through the one party dictatorship in China since 1949. This action will have historical value in China's political democratization process.

3.To apply to register the CDP by Wang Youcai and Wang Donghai was according to Chinese Constitution, abide by the legal procedures and thus totally legal. It's not prohibited by any law whatsoever. Especially the Criminal Code in China has no such regulation as that registration party is a crime. If the law does not directly prohibit an behavior, then this can not be punished for any reason.

4.Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province is abusing their administrative power and harming the "rule of law" process in China. The legal rights of citizens had been violated seriously and this must be punished by the law.

5.Immediately release all citizens involved in CDP case, including Wang Youcai. We'll watch this case closely and will inform the international society promptly. Signed by Wang Wenjiang, Zhou Guoqiang, Zhang Jiankang. July 26, 1998.(phone authorization to Xu Wenli in Beijing).

Free China Movement strongly condemn the illegal detention of Mr. Wang Peijian in "Mu Shan Wen Yin" Store. Mr. Wang is a lawyer and organizer of the Legal Assistance Committee for CDP case. He was illegal detained by the owner of Wen Yin Store (at Wen Er Rd, #229-2)when he was copying some relaxant materials for CDP defense. The owner called "110" of the police and detained him. The Owner, Sun Mushan, handed Mr. Wang to public security bureau thereafter. Then the first division of the public security Bureau and searched Mr. Wang Youcai's house without any search warranty and took away two cases of Wang Peijian. We sternly condemn Zhejiang Province government's continuous violations of Chinese law and citizens basic human rights. We call for international society to provide legal and financial assistance to the famous CDP case. This will decide the future of the possible political reform in China.

Wang Xizhe, leader of Free China Movement said, "We call for the stronger international attention of this ongoing case and Chinese government's ongoing violation of human rights. The fact shows that when we have strong international pressure, the Chinese government had to release some members of CDP. But we must have stronger pressure for the unconditional release of all dissidents involved."

Shengde Lian,, former student leader and jail mate of Wang Youcai said, "The lawyers in China are brave enough to stand upon the principles as a lawyer against the one party dictatorship. We must stand shoulder to shoulder with them in defending this case. We call for international society provide financial assistance for this case. Donation can be tax deductible by mail to Free China Forum, member of Free China Movement"