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Press Release

Activists were refused application for protest on next Tuesday against Chinese government's illegal arrest of CDP founders and supporters, vowing to keep applying until all members are release; dissidents warning the communist government not to miss the chance for them to start political reform or their future will be doomed; former student leaders vowed to organize international lawyers to help release their former colleagues in 1989

July 25, 1998

Washington, DC. Today the overseas spokesperson Xu Shuiliang reports to the international society about China Democracy Party.

Mr. Wang Rongqing was required to have another talk with the public security and was told their application does not satisfy "requirement" and won't be granted permission. Wang told them they will keep applying until members of CDP be released. Wang warned the government not to miss the, opportunity to resolve this case in a suitable way, If the CCP keeps refusing any political reform and respect the law, their return will be very tragedy.

Lawyers hired by CDP members are receiving constant pressure and harassment from the Chinese government. The lawyers requested the international society concern about these illegal activities from the Chinese government through the spokesperson of CDP and appeal to international lawyers society to put pressure on Chinese government to change their attitude toward the defending lawyers in order to protect their legal rights to defend and do their job without fear and government interference.

Former student leaders and political prisoners organized into Free China Movement, an coalition with 30 organizations inside and outside China, Mr. Lian Shengde, Zhou Yongjun and Xiong Yan and others responded to the situation by vowed to organize international lawyers community to form a Lawyers Legal Assistance for CDP Members as soon as possible.

Joel Segal, spokesperson and lawyer of Free China Movement said, "I myself will involve into CDP case to provide legal consultation pro bono. We hope the CDP members' basic rights will not be deprived through continuous governmental abuses of law. If we do not respond to the evil communist government strong enough, we are equal to encourage and cooperate with the evil."

Shengde Lian said, "Nine years after Tian A Men Square massacre when hundreds of my colleagues, classmate and fellow citizens were slaughtered by the same government. If we do not prepare for other alternative ways to pressing for Change in China, we'll always be weak and our voice not heard. We call for the Chinese citizens to resist the continuing dictatorship rule in China by joining effort for the defending of this case and the effort to press for release through protest, march and letter writing." (30)

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