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Press Release July 24 1998

Washington, DC. Mr. Xu Shuiliang, leader of Free China Movement and overseas spokesperson for China Democracy Party who have at least 13 members or supporters being arrested since July 11 because of their legal application to register the open, opposition Party. Mr. Mao Qingxiang and Wang Rongqing were sent out to apply for a protest and march against the public security bureau's illegal action by arresting the funding members and supporters of the Party. They were requested to have a talk with the bureau at about two O'clock Eastern Time this morning(afternoon in China). The attitude of the officers from the bureau were soft and relatively gentle. The bureau suggested them to change to other methods than protest to express the same requirements(release all the members and supporters of CDP). Mr. Mao and Mr. Wang said, we hope the government release members of CDP then the dissidents will definitely respond with kindness and compromise. So further kind and reasonable action is expected from the government soon!

Also a protest organized by Mr. Xu Shuiliang, leader of Free China Movement, and China Justice Democratic Party was successful last night in front of the Chinese Consulate General in New York City. The protest was against the illegal arrest of CDP members and other dissidents recently right after Clinton left China and thought China has "the right leader at the right time". Mr. Xu said," Unless all dissident arrested by the government are set free, the protest inside and outside China will go on in solidarity. The Free China Movement network will work closely with its member organizations and other concerned people around the world to win this case for CDP if they are not release unconditionally and quickly. We can not let the government violate the law so massively."

Mr. Fu Shenqi, secretary General, said:"We'll not keep silent on this illegal arrest of dissidents. We call for more support from the dissident community to work with CDP n their effort to free other detained members."

Mr. Shengde Lian, spokesperson of FCM, said: "Politics is negotiation and comprise. The massive arrest shows to the world that human rights in China is not better but worse. Like I said before to the state department, the method to charge the change of Human rights is to see are there more or less political and religious prisoners in Chinese jail. Until today the government did not respond to the appeal from people and international society with skills and reason. We hope the government will not go further away from the possibility to reconcile with the people!"

For more information, call Shengde Lian (703) 645-9054, Xu Shuiliang(718) 38801367 Chinese (30)

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