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To All Press for immediate release:

China Democracy Party send two representatives Mr. Mao Qingxiang and Mr. Wang Rongqing today to apply publicly with Hangzhou Public Security Bureau for a protest and petition at 2:00 PM on July 28 1998 according to the relevant regulation, Constitution and Law which states that Chinese citizen has the right to apply for planned protest in writing to local Public Security organ of the government. The route of the planned protest and march is from Nanshan Rd, Yan An Nan Rd, He fang Street. The aim of the protest is calling for the release of the illegally arrested CDP leaders Mr. Wang Youchai, Wang Donghai, Lin Hui, Zhu Yufu, Zhu Zhengming and supporter Mr. Mao Guoliang by the local Chinese government. They were told by the Public Security Bureau that they are requested to have a talk with the Public Security Bureau after they handing this application a couple of hour ago.

Also The wife of Mr. Wang Youchai, Hu Jiangxia has send id a request to Public Security Department of Zhe Jing province asking for Mr. Wang Youchai's bail.

Mr. Wang Donghai(another funding member of CDP) had been put "on bail" in his own home, but his telephone can not go through basically.

From Mr. Xu Shuiliang, Overseas Spokesperson of CDP and leader of Free China Movement--an new coalition of dissident organizations inside and out side China.

Shengde Lian, executive director and spokesperson of Free China Movement and friend, jail mate of Mr. Wang in 1989 said,"We want to let the world know that the struggle by mainland dissidents and citizens for their own basic human rights, including the right to free association, free speech, the right from fear can be achieved through our peaceful and legal actions. CDP and their supporters both inside and outside China will continue to work closely in solidarity with CDP members for their effort to bring more people to realize that the rights of ourselves must be taken back from Communist by our own Effort. Also we are disappointed by the decision from US Congress decision to renewal MFN to China without any condition or before other more effective means be figured by US. We still think the International society must speak out their moral concern strong enough in order for the Chinese government to Change!"

Xu Shuiliang, leader of Free China Movement Executive Committee and spokesperson of CDP said,"Want to let the world and Chinese people to know that our peaceful effort must be respected by the Chinese government according to the law, or the Chinese government will demonstrated that they have no legitimacy to the people. The overseas dissidents will continue to work for their unconditional release and lawful treatment to fund the opposition party which is allowed in Chinese Constitution!" (30)

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