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Free China Movement
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Press Contact: Shengde Lian


Announcement of Free China Movement

Free China Movement, found by 30 Pro-Democracy Chinese groups and individuals overseas, fiercely denounces the crime of race slaughtering with a carefully plotting on a vast scale against

Chinese-Indonesian happened in Indonesia recently and supports firmly any effort which aimed at protecting life of Chinese-Indonesian, preventing from lack of their property as well as fighting for Chinese-Indonesian's dignity.

We have been very concerning of the fate of Chines-Indonesian while watching closely the developing of that country's situation. We will not stop the effort to seriously call on the

International Community, especially Indonesia Authority, to take measures to guarantee Chinese-Indonesian's life and property until Justice deserve its reputation and all criminals, committed of raping, killing, robbing, smashing and other crimes during the period of rioting in Indonesia , no mater whom they are, are subjected to punishment according to Law.

TO attach our subjective stated above, all Chinese across the Global take the union action to release our calling for and protest against Indonesia Government on August. 7 , 1998 through all the world. In the meantime we demand that the two Governments across the Taiwan straits reinforce the Indonesia Authority to comply with the Human Right Declaration of United Nations and to exercise the Law itself through a series of measures. It is shame that we Chinese pay a little attention to our brothers and sister's suffering pain and humiliation while we are standing by

those events.

We sincerely hope that more Chinese people join the action.

Free China Movement Coordinating Committee

Tel: 202-3318248 703-6459054 (30)

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