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Free China Movement Press release

Washington DC, July 20
press contact (617) 666-2046 (202) 331-8248 Ye Ning

"Xie Wanjun, the former student leader in Beijing during 1989 Tian An Men pro-
democracy movement started his 48-hour hunger strike in protesting the
apprehention and detention of CDP members.  Based on the information provided
by Xie Wanjun, Mr. Wang Youcai and his colleagues may be prosecuted or sent to
Labor-Reeducation Camps through summery proceedings.  at this critical moment,
Mr. Xie decided to risk his own liberty and safety to protest by taking hunger
strike.  Mr. Xie said he would not leave home within the 48 hours.  If nobody
answers any incoming phone calls to him, that would inthat he himself has been
arrested.  If that is the case, he expects that the other dissidents will
continue his action of protesting.

Facing the CCP's suppression against the political dissidents inside China,
the response from the Chinese dissident community is intensified.  More
political dissidents here have expressed that they would rather risk
themselves to protest than keek silent.  They expressed their surprise at a
virtual silence from the Chinese dissident community (only Free China Movement
is loudly vocal at this issue.)  The silence and indifference from the Chinese
Dissident community on exile has raised deep concern and worries by the
dissidents inside China.

The message that Mr. Xie Wanjun starts to hold hunger strike has been quickly
spreading in Chinese dissident community.  More and more dissidents here in
China have expressed that they would back-up and follow Mr. Xie's action to
keep protesting until these dissidents are released.  In Zhejiang Province
alone, the dissidents who were arrested for CDP case and who are now in jail
are the following: Wang Youcai, Wang Donghai, Lin Hui, Zhu Zhengming and Mao

Mr. Xie Wanjun was a student with Beijing University of Agriculture
Engineering in 1989. He was once elected the Acting Command-in-Chief of Tian
An Men Square.

Frank Lu Si Qing, Information Center of Human rights and Democratic Movement
(Hong Kong)
Wang Xizhe,   General Liaison Chief of All China Political Dissidents,
Coordinating Director for Free China Movement"

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