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Press Contact Shengde Lian Wang Xizhe(703)645-9054 (703)329-6836 (617)6662046(Chinese)
Free China Movement Coalition
P.O. Box 3328, Falls Church, VA 22043, 703 645-9054, Fax 703 5738716
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Press Release

Free China Movement and former student leaders calling the US Congress and media to pay attention to massive continuous crack down on Chinese dissidents and their supporters. Leaders of Free China Movement can be available for interview or hearing on human rights violations in China right now.

Washington, DC Today leaders of Free China Movement--an umbrella coalition of more than 30 dissident organizations inside and outside China--call for US Congress to notice the ongoing largest human rights violations right now in China while Congress is discussing the renewal of MFN to China. We believe that the reason Chinese communist government continue it's massive arrest of Chinese dissidents since 1992 is President Clinton's wrong policy toward China--"Constructive Engagement". One dissident was released in April as the reason of "human rights progress in China" for Clinton Administration but at least 14 more former student leader or activists had been arrested one week after he left China until yesterday.

Unconditional support to Communist Chinese government has proved to be a failure like the appeasing policy toward Nazi Germany in 1930s.

The following leaders are available for interview for their views on MFN to China.

Shengde Lian----former captain of Tian An Men Square student movement in 1989 and former political prisoner in jail for two years. Now executive director of Free China Movement.

Wang Xizhe----political prisoner in jail for 15 years and veteran dissident in 1970s.

Majer, Zhou Yongjun----former elected first chairman of Autonomous Federation of Universities inside Beijing, in jail for 2 years. Now the owner of Worldwide magazine.

Joel Segal----American director and spokesperson of Free China Movement, veteran supporter of Chinese democracy movement since 1989.

Ye Ning----veteran human rights activist and president of Free China Movement Foundation.

Liu Xiaodi----former political prisoner in Jail for many years and expert on Education through Coerced labor system in China.

For more information, please contact (703) 329-0836, (703) 645-9054.