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FREE CHINA MOVEMENT Executive Committee

A Coalition of Chinese Opposition Forces by 30 dissident organizations

1150 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 9th Floor, Washington, DC 20036

Tel: (703)645-9054,(202)862-4391.; Fax:(202)862-4302

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Press Advisory

To All Press for immediate release:

A Press Conference will be held at the Law Offices of Hemenway and Associates at

1150 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 900, Washington DC 20036.

Theme: A Class Litigation against Adidas America, Inc. and the People's Republic of

China by the Victims of Slavery Labor in making Adidas Soccer Balls inside Chinese

Labor-Reform Concentration Camps.(details of facts, documents and testimonies by prisoners will be presented)

Sponsor: Washington Office of Free China Movement and the Plaintiffs.

Time: 10:00 AM, July 2nd, 1998.

The Football of the World Cup Championship was going on in France. Hundreds of

Millions are enthusiastically watching the tournament. The soccer balls rolling on the

green grass with the trade marks of "Adidas" are produced by Chinese slave

laborers in full of tears and blood in the PRC's concentration labor camps. The

worldwide acclaimed sports, once the symbol of world peace and harmony has now been

contaminated with the shameful reminders of oppressive slave labors.

At the end of President's China trip, the thousand-people delegation have involved so

many Fortune 500 multinationals, the victims of the coalition between Chinese

communist dictators and the world business conglomerates wanted to make their

muffled voice be heard by the conscience of the entire world: Doing business with

Communist China should not be conducted without moral restraint. To make profits

from cheap slavery labor and to entertain the Soccer Ball Tournament viewers worldwide

using the products of the political prisoners' blood and tears will ruin the good taste of

this popular sports.

Mr. Bao Ge , now 34, was sentenced to three years of Labor ReEducation by the

Chines authorities for forming a NGO human rights organization, "Voice of Human

Rights" National Committee with a summery verdict issued by the Public Security Bureau

without any proceedings. When he was released in June 1997, he had immediately

reported the human rights abuse inside the PRC's concentration camps, particularly the

abuse in the process of producing under coerce the Adidas soccer balls to the

International Press Corps.

Mr. Bao's assertions that the Chinese Labor Reform Camps

manufactured soccer balls in the trade mark of "Adidas" used for the World Cup 1998 has

been corroborated with independent testimonies given by his co-freedom fighters and

other inmates, and the officials from the Department of Justice of the PRC. Mr. Bao

had exhausted all legal procedures, suing against the Chinese Labor Camps authorities

concerning his mal-treatment in violation of his human rights while he was coerced to

make "Adidas" soccer balls behind bars before the so-called "People's Courts" on all levels

before he came to the United states. None has given him a chance of hearing.

Therefore, he can only seek for justice in the United States District Court, suing Adidas

and the Government of the PRC for human rights abuse pursuant to Federal Alien Tort

Claim Act.

In November 1997, Mr. Bao Ge was permitted to go to the United States with his sister, Bao Ying by Public Interests Parol.

For further information, please contact Shengde Lian(spokesperson and executive director of FCM)/Ning Ye or John Hemenway at

(703)645-9054 or (202)862-4391.