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Free China Movement Network
Washington Office
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Press Contact
    Shengde Lian                           Joel Segal
 (703)645-9054          (703)329-6836  (703)5078309
    Press Advisory
June, 23 1998
Protest in front of Chinese Embassy and White House against Communist Chinese government's continuous human rights violations and urge President Clinton to meet with the representative of mainland political opposition force or the relatives of June, 4 Massacre victims in 1989 sponsored by Free China Movement Washington DC office.

When: From  11:00 Am June 23
Where: In front of Chinese Embassy at 2300 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington DC

When: From 10:00 Am to 2:00 PM, June 24
Where: South West corner of Lafayette Park in front of White House

 Why:  1.To Call for the release of hundreds of political and religious prisoners in mainland China including Dr. Hu Shigeng, Kang Yuchun, An Ning, Guo Haifeng, Gao Yu, Li Hai, Zhao Changqing, Li Qingxi, some of them are former student leaders in 1989 and human rights activists

 2. To request President Clinton to: a)Listen to the tape of the requests by mainland dissidents Professor Ding Zhiling, Xu Wenli, Wang Youchai, Mao Guliang and Zhang Rujun; b). accept and promise to lay a wreath in Tian An Men Square to show his support of Chinese people's struggle for freedom  and urge him to meet with the representative of Chinese pro-democracy political opposition force-- mainland friends and members of Free China Movement Network.
Participants include former student leaders and former political prisoners: Xiong Yan, Shengde Lian, Zhou Yongjun, Tang Baiqiao, Yi Danxuan and Dr, Wang Bingzhang.

Sponsored by Free China Movement Network Washington DC office---the newly created largest coalition of Chinese dissident organizations from inside and outside mainland China

For more information please call: Shengde Lian, Joel Segal (703)6459054,(703)5078309

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