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Free China Movement Unity Conference
P.O. Box 3328, Falls Church, VA 22043, 703 645-9054, Fax 703 645-9054
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       Press Contact: Shengde Lian
         301 219 4343(Cellular phone)          703 507 8309

Press Release

Dozens Of Former Political Prisoners In China & Tiananmen Square Student Leaders have successfully created an open Free China network which is composed of More than 30 organizations and many individuals inside and outside China Today on Capital Hill at the ninth anniversary of Beijing Massacre!!

Washington, D. C, today is a historical moment for Chinese democracy movement--more than 30 leading dissidents along with American friends have created a unified Free China Movement. Free China Movement network was formally voted as the name of this unified political movement in promoting freedom and democracy in China. Board of advisors, Foundation-Board of directors, and Coordinating Committee were successfully elected democratically. Among them are Fang Nengda,  Li Hongkuan, Dr.Menges Constantine, Dr. Wang Bingzhang, Wang Xizhe, Xu Shuiliang, Zhang Xianliang,Wei Jingsheng(to be confirmed), Wang Dan(to be confirmed), Ye Ning, Zhao Pinglu, Pan Guoping, Shengde Lian, Xing Zhen, Xiang Xiaojie, Wang Juntao, Gao Han, Wang Ming, Ni Yuxian, Li Shiyong, Xing Wen, Zheng Yi, Liu Bingyan, Liu Guokai,Joel Segal, Stan De-boe, Dianna Tafarony, Joe Ulnine, Raby Ben Amy etc.

The following statement was voted as the guiding principle in order to continue expanding all forces for freedom in China into this new coalition:

   Declaration of Moral Purpose

The Chinese Government is afraid of a unified and more potent exile movement oversees; we pledge to be a highly organized and structured Free China Movement Network that will challenge the legitimacy of the PRC every opportunity possible. The Free China Movement believes that China should be governed by the rule of democratic law, abide by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and respect freedom of speech, thought, religion, and assembly. We support open and free elections in China. We call for the immediate release of all political and religious prisoners of conscience in our beloved China. We stand for the right of all Chinese to live in dignity and to have the freedom to practice their religion without the fear of persecution.

We support the open and free operation of autonomous labor unions throughout China. We want China to be a country where the government is for the people, by the people, and where the will of the Chinese people determines the government, not the government determining the kind of economic, political, and social system the people will live in through brute force, intimidation, the use of torture, and imprisonment. As an organized political dissident movement inside and outside of China, we seek to unite all Free China Movement organizations and individuals who are dedicated to these principles.

We strive to become a significant force in world politics, and intend to successfully challenge the People's Republic of China in the media and all political and academic forums throughout the world in a peaceful manner at our best effort."

 Many participants were touched in the tears when the unity and final agreement on the structure of this new biggest coalition ever in the Chinese history was reached. It shows that after more than nine years of lessons among the oversees Chinese democracy movement, we finally reached the great unity guided by the principles of love, respect, dedicating to the cause and professionalism. This unity is the unity between the serious Chinese exiles inside and outside China, between the Chinese exiles and friends from the international community.
               There will be another whole day session of serious discussion and voting on action goals and subcommittees. Several serious plans  inside China and outside China which is part of a long-run, persistent and powerful challenge to the Chinese dictatorship led by CCP will begin in days. For example, a Chinese army's tank will be presented in front of white house with the emulation of students and citizens dead in blood before President Clinton's trip to visit China, questions will be raised, like: " Dear President Clinton, could you leave us behind you like this when many Chinese like us had been massacring and jailing by the brutal Chinese Communist dictator?", etc.

There will be a press conference at 3:00 PM at Room 121, Cannon Building, US capital on June 6. You are very welcome to interview the participants and the newly unified leadership group of Free China Movement.



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