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May 26, 1997

Re: To All Press for Immediate Release:

Dear Sir or Madam:

You are cordially invited to join an unprecedented protest held
by Chinese students and scholars in front of the White House
followed by a candle light vigil/memorial ceremony commemorating
the pro-democracy martyrs who dedicated their lives to the noble
cause for FREEDOM of Chinese Peoples in Communist©Fascist
China. Several Distinguished Chinese and American keynote/guest
speakers will present policy speeches.  The following issues will be
addressed in the massive gatherings:

1. Protest the Administration of the United States against its
continuing unconditional support of the communist©national
socialist Beijing regime by its granting unconditional MFN to the
"Volks Reich of China (PRC)";

2. Appeal to the Government of the United States to re©think its
wrongful "kow tow" policy towards "PRC" for an immediate
adjustment for the fundamental interests of human rights, freedom
and the U.S. national security interests;

3. Raise the issue that REd China, the lone communist©fascist
giant on this planet, which has claimed the greatest number of
American youths after WW II, is the world's only nation whose
multi atomic warheads missiles (such as ICBM FD30/31/32 series)
aiming at the land of the United States.

4. Send warning signals to the Peoples of the United States that
the Chinese mobilized "soft©landing" from Long Beach California
to Panama City is being undergone;

5. Stern condemnation on its die©hard refusal to any democratic
reform in "PRC" under the Chinese Stalinist Hardliners led by
"Comrade Jiang Zemin", the "Chairman Mao II";

6. Send warning signal to the Peoples and the Government of the
United States that the communist Core Leader Jiang Zemin, the
"Chairman Mao II", and his diehard communist hardliners
followers, particularly the "neo©Gang of Four" are the lethal
enemy not only to the Freedom loving Chinese Peoples, but to the
world peace and all mankind;

7. Stern condemnation on accelerated totalitarian control of
brains of Chinese Peoples and its accelerated suppression of any

8. Stern and unconditional condemnation against the accelerated
CCP driving genocidal suppression of Minority ethnicities in
Tibet and Xinjiang (New Territories);

9. Stern condemnation against the CCP driven, ruthless repression
of religion in the "PRC";

10. Request for immediate, unconditional rehabilitation of the
"June 4th" Massacre; Request for immediate, unconditional release
of all prisoners of conscience, prisoners of religion;

11. Request for immediate political, judicial, institutional,
social, educational and economic reform;

12, A free and democratic Republic of China must be, through a
Constitutional Convention, upon the principles of such a
universal value as of freedom, democracy, socio©economic justice
and fairness; cultural and political transparency and political©?cultural pluralism.

(Detailed policy guideline issued by the PFDC is available upon

Size of Demonstration: relatively much greater than any others
since 1990;
Participation: Mostly new Chinese students and scholars from the
mainland China;
Place I: In front of the Main Gate of the White House (started
from 5:00);
Place II: In Front of the Embassy of "the People's Republic of
China" (From 7:00pm © 9:00 pm).

Your great compassion and prompt attention to this matter is
greatly appreciated.

Cordially yours,

Shengde Lian
Secretary General